History of machine development(Precision Fukuhara Works, Ltd.)

April ,
A factory was opened for manufacturing textile machines in Toyonaka, Osaka, and the first Japan-made high speed warp machine (tricot) was developed.
The major models of circular knitting machines were STS-L, STS-M, STS-P, FIL, FIL-D, MF, MF-T, RIM, JWS
The PFW (Pattern Wheel Jacquard machine) was developed.
April ,
The PFW and FSS (single jersey multi-feed machine) were introduced at the KAE (Knitting Art Exhibition) in U.S.A. for the first time Sales of these machine began full-scale in the U.S.A. FSS
November ,
Fukuhara became the Far-Eastern agent of IRO Sweden AB for positive yarn feeding devices. The devices were sold as well as equipped to Fukuhara circular knitting machines.
1964 The FJ-3R(Single jersey race-way machine)was developed as the first machine in the world with square shaped cam-set pieces, improving machine accuracy by leaps and bounds. FJ-3R
October ,
PFW, PFL, FJ-4R and JIL-4 machines were exhibited at the ITMA exhibition in Basel, Switzerland for the first time and sales began in Europe. The JIL-7, 28 gauge double-jersey machine was developed and became a hit in Japan. PFL
1968 The XL frame was developed and became the basis for the convertible single knit machine series. For the first time in the world it became possible to change the cylinder (gauge conversions) or carry out a conversion (model change) on single knit machines.
1970 The L frame was developed for the double-knit machine series.
1973 Electronic double-knit jacquard machine LEC-48 and patterning system was developed. The machine was equipped with newly developed electro-magnetic actuators for needle selection. LEC48
1974 A closed cam system was developed (LIM-108). LIM-108
1978 The world’s first single-knit electronic jacquard machine (SEC-24S) with 3 position (knit, tuck, and welt) needle selection was developed. SEC-24S
1980 The SEC-24Y(single-knit electronic jacquard machine with auto-stripers) was developed. A 4 race single-jersey machine with auto-stripers (RX-RSY) was also developed. This was the first machine in the world to be fitted with an auto-striper system to automatically change yarn via computerized control
1981 The double-knit auto-striper machine model LDR-Y was developed. A yarn feeding device for striper machines (YS2) was also developed.
1983 A single-jersey machine with mini-drum and auto-stripers (SDY) was developed. RX-SDY
1984 A single-knit electronic jacquard machine with auto-stripers (SEC-36Y) was developed. SEC-36Y
1988 A single-knit race-way machine with slant sinkers (FX-Z4S) was developed. FX-Z4S
1992 A single-jersey machine with slant sinkers (VXC-Z3SS) was developed and enabled a speed factor of SF1500. VXC-Z3SS
1994 The new VX machine frame was developed.
1995 A new cam system known as RDS (Rotary Cam Drop System) was developed which enabled easy cam set-up from outside the machine. It was first employed on the V-7IR.
Compact type electro-magnetic actuators (SS actuator) were also developed to enable a greater number of feeds on electronic jacquard machines.
1997 A Terry jacquard machine with electronic sinker selection (V-SECPL) was developed.
1998 A double-knit multi-feeder electronic jacquard machine (V-LEC6BS) was developed. V-LEC6BS
1999 A double-knit electronic jacquard machine with both cylinder and dial needle selection (V-LEC4D) as well as a single-knit multi-feeder electronic jacquard machine (V-SEC7BS) were developed. An automatic take-up fitted to an open width OD frame was also developed.
2001 A garment length electronic jacquard machine with 4-colour auto-stripers (V-LEC4DGTY) was developed. V-LEC4DGTY
2002 A single-knit electronic jacquard machine with 3-colour auto-stripers (V-SEC7BY) was developed. V-SEC7BY
2003 A double-knit garment length machine with 4-colour F-type auto-stripers (V-AERGY) was developed.
2005 A single-knit electronic jacquard machine with 6-colour F-type auto-stripers and warp (vertical) insertion capability was developed (VX-SECWY6). VX-SECWY6
2007 A new single jersey race-way machine (VXC-A3) was developed.
2009 A garment length・double-sided transfer electronic jacquard machine (V-LEC3DGTY6) was developed.
2010 MX・MXC frames and new energy saving・high speed single jersey machines (MXC-E3.2/E3.2RE/E5RE) were developed. MXC-E32RE
2012 A single-knit multi-feeder 3-colour auto-striper machine (MX-3.2FY3RE) as well as a single-knit coarse gauge electronic jacquard machine with 4-colour auto-stripers (V-SEC2CFY4) were both developed. MX-32FY3RE
2013 A new ultra high speed single-knit body size race-way machine (HXC-Z4SBP) was developed. HXTC-Z4SBP