Single Knit Raceway Machines
 Providing increased production and diverse quality fabrics, also improved user-friendliness.
* MXC-S3.2RE rotates counter-clockwise while MXC-S3.2 rotates clockwise. The main functions and features of these models are basically the same.
【Main Functions and Features】
<High precision closed cams>
 More precise needle movement has been attained by thoroughly studying cam profiles and needle behavior to produce higher quality fabrics. Double-push type sinker cams allow the sinkers to stably operate at high machine speeds.
<High speed operation>
 Stable needle and sinker movement in high-speed operation is achieved thanks to the newly designed cams. This enables the production of not only basic fabrics such as plain jersey and pique but also elastomeric or hard yarn plated jersey and pique at high speeds.
<3.2 feeders/inch yarn feeding system>
 Since the number of feeders is an important factor deciding productivity and knitting performance, our 3.2 feeders/inch system can easily achieve higher productivity and a wide variety of knitted structures.
<Easy conversion to varied machines>
 This model can be converted to other S3.2 series machines such as double fleece, pile or mesh machine with minimized number of standardized conversion parts, allowing quick delivery of fabrics. Conversion parts other than for new 3.2 series machines can also be used.
<Longer intervals between machine overhauls>
 New type air nozzles blow air strongly onto parts susceptible to lint accumulation. By using dual air-timer (standard), the knitting head and MPF drive belts are blown alternately with high efficiency (30% reduction of compressed air consumption compared with the conventional system).
Fabric Samples