MXC-S3.2 (60G)【Ultra Fine Gauge】

 Single Jersey Ultra Fine Gauge Machine
 Offers ultra light and thin fabrics made possible with ultra fine loops. Equipped with precision "2-race monolithic closed cam system" for ultra fine gauge knitting. Newly designed "E needles" and "E cylinder" with reduced heat generation ensure stable operation at high speeds. 
【Main Functions and Features】
<Precision "2-race monolithic closed cam system">
 Quality fabrics can be produced by ideal loop formation realized by cam profiles most suitable for the needle and sinker movements for ultra fine gauge knitting. Precision machined "2-race monolithic closed cams" for cylinder eliminate the low-accuracy cam fitting on machines with plural races. Double-push type sinker cams for ultra fine gauge are employed to avoid unnecessary sinker movement, thus reducing stress on sinkers.
<"E-needles"*1 and "E-cylinder" for ultra fine gauge>
 "E-needle" specially designed and manufactured for ultra fine gauge knitting based on the latest knitting theory made it possible to form well-balanced fine loops. "E-cylinder" is a next generation needle cylinder introduced by Fukuhara using advanced machining technology. The combination of "E-needle" and "E-cylinder" having geometry with least sliding friction significantly reduces heat generated during needle action. By using "FILTER FLOW"*2 heat generation is further reduced, allowing the machine to run at high speed as ordinary lower gauge machines. Also our low friction sinker has suitable geometry for ultra-fine gauge knitting.
*1. "E needle" is a product of Fukuhara Needles Co., Ltd. (under patent application)
*2. Optional device, "FILTER FLOW" is a product of Alandale Industries Inc., U.S.A. protected by patents.
<3.2 feeders / inch>
 Although ultra high gauge machines offer the possibility of new generation fabrics with ultra fine loops, lower productivity is their downside. Our MXC-S3.2 partly alleviates the reduction of productivity with its 3.2 feeders/inch multi-feeder system.
Fabric Samples